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KOKO-FM-LOGOAloha ʻOhana, yes YOU can be on the radio. As Kanaka we have so much to share with each other, our music, our culture, our aloha, our concerns for our people and our land. Make radio and share your Manaʻo for the future generations.

Here are options to help you choose the best way to participate. All radio content must comply with the KOKO mission to be eligible for broadcast. Anyone may participate in radio within the guidelines of the mission.

Mission: To provide a voice for Kanaka Maoli; to promote Hawaiian values of Aloha, ʻOhana, Mālama and Pono, through Hawaiian Music and Hawaiian cultural/educational programing.

Ways of Participating

Free Community Access: Community calendar listings, job listings or voicing community concerns is free and open to all community members. Call 808-264-3894 and leave your announcement, concern or message in your own voice. Anything you record may be used on the air, content must comply with the KOKO mission. If you mess-up the first time, no worries, just try again and KOKO will air the best recording. KOKO reserves the right to choose which messages go on the air.

Donation: For your one-time tax-deductible donation in any monetary amount, KOKO will thank you over the air at least once, and will also read a personal message written by you, if you wish to air one.

On-going Donation: For regular monthly tax-deductible financial support of KOKO you or your organization will receive ongoing thanks and an ongoing message if you wish to express one.

Content Providers: This is airtime for your organizations cultural or educational programming which fits within the KOKO mission. This airtime does not cover production costs. Air-time fee is $1.00 each time your spot (up to 30 seconds) is aired, $5.00 each time your 5-minute spot is aired, $10 each time your 10-minute spot is aired, etc.


Limitations: Non-profit LPFM stations are not allowed to advertise in the commercial sense. The F.C.C. defines underwriting as being for identification purposes only and not promotion. Acceptable educational programming is defined as: “Programming for public interest not private economic interests.” NOT allowed are: price information, calls to action, free offers/enticements or qualitative language like, ‘The best in town’.


Radio Production Options.

Learn to produce your own programming: For download at the bottom of this page, KOKO radio offers a free radio production tutorial to enable community members or organizations to create their own programming as long as it fits the KOKO mission.

Hire a third party to produce your programming at your own cost.

Hire KOKO to produce your programming.


KOKO In house production costs:

Script writing/editing – $35 per hour

Recording – $35 per hour

Sound-editing – $35 per hour

On average, one minute of radio time equals one hour of production cost in each category

Average to produce one 1-minute segment (includes script, recording and editing) is $105.00


Mahalo for Joining KOKO Today

Hawaii’s native culture is based on a foundation of reciprocal giving. This is Aloha, and through that spirit of giving everyone in the community is mutually strengthened. KOKO seeks to uphold this ideal through our donation and content-provider relationships today. Join us! We look forward to working with you towards a strengthened Hana/Hawaiian community. If you need more information please call KOKO at 808-264-3894 to talk story with a real person.

Download this FREE tutorial – How to make radio for KOKO FM

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KOKO FM is a non-profit community station run by the support of listeners like you

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Mahalo for supporting Kanaka Community Radio

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